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Get Inspired With Schuco Sliding and Folding Doors

Style and quality that can′t help but impress

Imagine sliding open a door on a warm sunny morning and finding summer filling your house. Or perhaps you′re having a party and want to allow a roomful of guests to spill out into the garden in the cool of the evening? Realise your dream by choosing either a sliding or folding aluminium door from Schuco′s comprehensive range. Every door, whether slide, lift-and- slide, tilt-and-slide or folding has been designed to look good and perform superbly year after year, a quiet statement of style and quality that can′t help but impress.

You can choose from doors that slide, lift-and-slide, tilt-and-slide or fold

  • You can have a flush threshold
  • You can specify a different colour on the inside
    to the outside
  • Different levels of security can be achieved up to
    EN V 1627 Class 2
  • Narrow sight lines allow maximum light to flood into a room
  • Select an arrangement up to six leaves
    (single, double or triple tracks)
Schuco sliding doors

A Schuco sliding door is a window onto the world. It opens and closes effortlessly, disclosing great views onto the garden or patio. It allows you to enjoy all the fresh air you want while simultaneously ensuring that you’re warm and comfortable when the weather turns cold.

  • A lift-and-slide door with low threshold
  • Draught-free and watertight
  • Perfect for internal and external use
  • Shuco Sliding Doors
  • Shuco Sliding Doors
  • Shuco Sliding Doors
  • Shuco Sliding Doors
  • Shuco Sliding Doors
  • Shuco Sliding Doors
Schuco folding doors
  • Shuco Sliding Doors
  • Shuco Sliding Doors

For the ultimate outdoor experience inside, a Schuco folding door is the clear choice. When fully opened, with its leaves neatly stacked to one side, a typical door allows a clear opening of as much as 95% - it opens up your home and invites the garden to join you inside.

  • The door opens effortlessly ...
  • Glides back on precision rollers ...
  • And neatly stacks to provide maximum space
  • Choice of handles and stainless steel multi-point locks
  • Individual leaves up to 3 m high and 1.2 m wide
Enjoy the view and total peace of mind

As you would expect from a company with over 50 years of experience, Schuco offers customers real choice. In addition to a range of different opening door types - with the ability to accommodate almost any size of opening - customers can choose from a huge selection of finishes and colours and handles.

All doors installed into outside walls have exceptional levels of thermal insulation and weather- tightness, making them proof against the worst winter weather. Non-insulated versions make stylish room-dividers.

Slim face-widths allow for the maximum area of clear glass, enabling light to flood into a room. Every door has been designed to run easily, usually requiring no more than fingertip pressure to open or close it. There is even a motorised option for sliding doors.

Finally, we′ve addressed security concerns by fitting multi-point locking to ensure a level of burglar resistance up to EN V 1627 Class 2. So now you can enjoy the view and total peace of mind.

  • Multi-point locking for maximum security
  • Every door is designed to provide optimum thermal insulation
  • There′s a huge choice of colours and finishes

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Schuco - Green Technology for the Blue Planet. That means clean energy from solar products and windows. To be precise: the contribution which Schuco as leading provider of innovative building envelopes makes to the environment. With Energy3: saving energy - generating energy - networking energy. Perfectly co-ordinated window, door and fasade systems save energy by providing optimum levels of thermal insulation. Versatile solar solutions for solar power and solar heating generate energy. A combination that generates an excess of energy that can be used by means of intelligent networking. For building functions, as well as for applications such as IT or electromobility. The result is a significant step towards energy self- sufficiency. Towards the sustainable conservation of natural resources. And for a secure future.


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