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Change the way you look at the world.....

Centor® underline their reputation for innovation by introducing the World's first, truly integrated, door systems.

By bringing together screen, shade and concealed hardware, in a range of beautifully designed doors, Centor have created the ultimate solution that allows you to maximise your views.

Fourteen NEW international patents and multi award winning design, demonstrates exactly, the revolutionary, Integrated range from Centor


The Centor Integrated Folding Door comes in a wide range of configurations, spanning an opening up to 5.7m wide*. Clean design with hardware removed from the interior and panel frames equal on all sides give you a gallery-quality frame around your view. Natural wood or sleek aluminium inside with long-lasting aluminium outside mean years of exceptional performance.

Use a single hand motion to close and lock your door, thanks to its magnetic AutoLatchâ„¢. Enjoy years of high performance with adjustable hardware that keeps operating smoothly. And get outstanding thermal performance with Centor's thermally-improved aluminium/wood or complete thermally-improved aluminium frame and panel, with double or triple-glazed glass.

Max. visible frame width 5780mm
Max frame height 2884mm
Max panel width 1000mm

Available up to 2.1m wide and 2.8m tall, our French integrated door features a clean look with equal sized panels and simple lines. Enjoy warm wood tones inside and durable, paintable aluminium outside or go for the sleek look of a complete aluminium integrated door, each designed for long-lasting use. Close and lock the door in one motion with our magnetic AutoLatchâ„¢. Adjust hardware as needed to ensure smooth operation for years. And use less heat with our high-performance sealing system and double- or triple-glazed panes.

Max. visible frame width 2094mm
Max frame height 2884mm
Max panel width 1000mm

Spanning up to 1.2m wide and 2.8m tall, the single door is perfect for any doorway you prefer a beautiful connection to the outdoors. You'll find its hidden hardware and equally sized interior panel frames provide a sleek, picture frame look. Wood or aluminium on the interior and durable aluminium on the exterior ensure years of warmth and beauty. Our exceptional sealing system and double or triple-glazed glass adds the ultimate touch for smart, sustainable thermal performance.

Max. visible frame width 1226mm
Max frame height 2884mm
Max panel width 1000mm

Choose between the warm beauty of furniture-grade solid wood or the sleek aesthetics of aluminium on the interior of your doors.

European Oak is the standard wood available on Centor Integrated Doors, and with its light to medium brown colour and straight grain texture, it's an ideal choice for adding warmth to your home.

Available from 1st October, choose an aluminium interior on Centor Integrated Doors for a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. Choose to either paint your doors using a colour selected from Centor's standard range or specify a custom colour to create your perfect look.

The durability, weather resistance and ease of maintenance of aluminium are well known. That's why we use it for the external frames and panels of all Centor Integrated Doors. Select one of our standard colours or specify your own.


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