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Frameless Glazing System

CLAROFLEX, open to the world.

Discover new sensations, enjoy spaces never imagined before, share your experiences LOOK AT THE WORLD with CLAROFLEX

The exclusive frameless glazing system by CLAROFLEX will allow you to enjoy new and unique sensations of freedom and bring a new dimension to your home, outdoor space or business.




CLAROFLEX frameless system, a practical alternative to conventional balcony glazing and standard glass curtain systems.

CLAROFLEX system works by panels sliding over the tracks without complex bearings making it the most reliable on the market.

All the materials and components used by CLAROFLEX are equivalent to the leading UPVC & Aluminum brands in the market, fulfilling all quality and security requirements and standards.

CLAROFLEX produce a reliable system based on an exquisite simplicity.

CLAROFLEX manufacturing is fast and simple, allowing clients to accomplish high quality installations shown in the variety of different projects, in terraces, porches and hotel industry.

The installation, thanks to the high flexibility of levelling available in both top and bottom tracks, and its simplicity in function make the CLAROFLEX system quickest to install, allowing the client to enjoy the end result without long working shifts.

Satisfaction of the client is our priority, and the system is fully compatible with tempered toughened glass or laminated glass, depending on the local specifications or regulations of each state or country.

With presence in more than 20 countries & more than 7 yrs. of experience in the industry, CLAROFLEX opens to the world in your eyes.


Full Vision Claroflex, the best side lock system on the market.

Full Vision works very easily. Our Side Lock bears down on the panels joining them just by turning the handle. The lock is made up of two profiles: one fixed and one movable. The handle is placed in the fixed profile, while the movable one produces the strain that closes the system.

Without locks in the panels, nor rods for opening, the main advantage of this system is the completely clear view, as no obstacles will hamper your vision.

Best suitable for clients looking for a completely clear view, it also fits for people who want the most airtight system.

The special gaskets provided with Full Vision ensure the best thermal and acoustic insulation.


For further information, please contact us +34 952 42 71 41 info@claroflex.com


Claroflex Slide is the new multitrack frameless system by Claroflex.

This system has been designed with the same aim all Claroflex products have: simple manufacturing and installing and maintenance free.In order to achieve this goal, Claroflex Slide has the least amount of components in the market of the highest quality, which assures a reliable long-lasting performance.

Claroflex Slide has the best performance on the market:

  1. Available in all glassless options: The system is supplied in full length bars or pre-cut and manufactured.
  2. Technical features:
    • -Lowest bottom track for outdoors: just 17 mm. Sunken installation available.
    • - Maximum panel weight: 90 kg
    • - Maximum panel height: 3100 mm
    • - Maximum panel width: 1800 mm
    • - Tempered or laminated glass. 8, 10 or 12 mm.
    • Maximum clearance: 25 mm.
    • Central and side opening
  3. Easily expandable by single track extensions from the basic 3 tracks guide.
  4. All colour options available from anodized, lacquered (RAL chart) and wood-like.

Our system is the most profitable one on the market for both the manufacturer and the installer because glass fixation can be made in a few seconds, even in the installation site

Claroflex� Slide is excellent for creating new inside or outside areas and space partitions.Claroflex� Slide is perfectly suitable for homes (terraces, balconies, sunrooms, etc.) and for commercial and business.

For further information please contact us at info@claroflex.com or call +34 952 42 71 41


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