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Not all Bi Fold doors are the same.........

It's fair to say that most Bi Fold door systems on the market today, use standard doors that have been adapted to work as a folding system. More often than not, they rely on unsightly seals and gaskets which are placed all around the door to try and protect from dust, sand, wind and the elements.

The C1 is different..... So why choose Centor C1?

Quite simply because Centor have created a distinctive folding door that offers more.

A unique folding system that has been designed from scratch and not adapted to suit.

The innovative C1 system combines intelligent engineering with long lasting performance. The result is a smartly designed and smoothly moving aluminium folding doors that are quite simply a delight to use, day in, day out and for years to come...

Feel the difference

  • Angled rollers and track for ultra quiet operation
  • Articulated wheels and track sweepers
  • Sill covers that remove easily for cleaning

All ensuring you have smooth fingertip operation,.........for years to come.

See the difference

  • Interlocking door profiles provide better protection from dust, sand and noise
  • Square cut door panels for greater torsional stability and reliability
  • We don't rely on unsightly, flimsy gaskets which can come loose, to seal the bottom and top of the door. The C1 incorporates built in seals within the frame and sill.

All ensuring you have clean lines, superior strength and complete peace of mind

Enjoy the difference

  • Interlocking door profiles provide better protection from dust, sand and noise
  • Incorporates Centor Hardware Technology which is fully adjustable for ease of installation and leveling
  • Complete peace of mind with our 10 year guarantee - Twice as long as any other system in the UAE

If you are considering investing in Bi Fold doors for your home, don't do anything until you've seen the amazing C1 in action.

Call 055 607 8444 now to see and feel the difference for yourself.


Use the options below to specify your ideal folding door configuration for the Centor C1.

Available in a wide range of options, for openings
up to 2800mm high and 6000mm wide, the Centor C1 will suit almost
any application.


Cycle Testing
Tested up to 25,000 cycles for years of smooth operation.

Exhaustively tested locking devices for reliable security at all times.

Thermal Performance
Minimised temprature transfer for superb home insulation.

Weather Tightness
Wind and water resistant for guranteed weather protection.


Centor designed the S1E screen, specifically to protect the large-scale openings created by folding and sliding door systems.

Pairing a Centor screen with a space3 door system is therefore a perfect combination.

Folding and sliding doors open up entire walls, bringing the outside in, creating vistas and allowing light and fresh air inside. Centor screens allow doors to be left open more often, increasing ventilation and reducing air-conditioner use.


Here’s a selection of technical data and specifications, which show some of the options available and can help you to choose which style of door and screens are right for your home.

Each easily downloadable file contains all the facts and figures to seamlessly fit our products into any scheme. If you require any more information, or having trouble accessing the files, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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